Founder, Monica Wang is an LA based Interior Photographer who first spent most of her career using her degree in Finance. After working for various companies and experiencing different roles throughout her twenties, (and even trying out the tech startup world) she still wanted something more. For a decade, something didn’t feel entirely right and going through the motions; an outlet for creativity became crucial and necessary to Monica. Ready for a change, she made the leap and immersed herself into a completely new and different industry, photography.

Interning for notable interior designers and contributing to well known publications, Monica learned everything she could from trial and error and observation. It was then she realized she had a specific knack and ease with shooting interiors. Her technical eye for detail and composition and desire to capture story through sharing intimate spaces and “home”, was a catalyst for a new dream of Monica’s. With a lot of self-discoveries (and a big leap of faith!) and after four hard years of doing photography and finance,  it wasn’t until 2017 she decided to invest her whole self into that dream that is formally called: The Revery.


Slated to open at the end of 2019, The Revery is a one of a kind, premium natural light photo studio and event venue located in Mission Junction (Chinatown’s neighbor) in Los Angeles.

The veranda is the first phase of The Revery and is specifically designed to host a wide variety of events from intimate dinners, private celebrations, panel discussions, and conferences. Inside The Revery, you'll find two spacious photo studios along with visually stunning bathrooms, kitchens, a marble staircase, and more.

This airy and thoughtfully curated photo studio is designed for the use of any creator, brand or organization. Full amenities and premium finishes are available to accommodate you and your team so that you can focus on the creating. The Revery is a modern photo studio and is a place for images and videos that are produced in a way content is consumed today by brands and creators. The Revery is also a community focused place where conversations are stirred around creativity and vision. We want to ensure that anyone who walks through our doors feels like what they create is uniquely their own.

“The Revery” means “daydream” in French and we highly encourage it you do so within our space.

— With Love, The Revery LA co

Monica Wang, Founder

Monica Wang, Founder

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