The Revery Wall Mural

At The Revery, we value the arts and  creativity that stems from the city. And so when we first found the location for The Revery, a  major lure of the space was this huge 950 sq ft wall that caught the eye of any passerby with its discreet hints of the local graffiti art. In a way, it felt like a large canvas to the city. And while we ready this space entirely for our first event and launch party, we wanted to utilize and build upon this artful canvas with one of my favorite local artists and friend, Brigit Ritchie, our first MUSE by The Revery. 

Brigit’s work captivated me the first time we saw it and we feel her style exemplifies the city at its most magic. Her work, like LA, feels constantly in motion, it feels beautifully unique, it feels dreamy yet focused. Her attention to detail and use of color adds more life to stillness and we at The Revery cannot wait to display and be a part of her creation.

MuseMonica Wang